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Respite Care

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Respite care is an important care package in place for families and individuals offering temporary accommodation ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Respite care offers 24-hour care, giving a well-deserved break for carers, peace of mind whilst on holiday, medical aftercare, or emergency cover due to unforeseen circumstances.

We can put short term emergency care plans together for immediate placement in less than 24 hours, as we aim to support both our families, health care professional, social workers and our Health Service, to provide continuing healthcare at times when they need it most.

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      Types of Respite Care

      Fylde Care Group

      Carers and those being cared for both need a break from time to time. If you are in need of a short break, respite care at our care home can enable you to do just that.

      Short Term Care
      24-hour respite care may be needed when the usual carer is temporarily unavailable for short term care. We can provide prebooked holiday and hospital cover, giving you the peace of mind your family is safe and cared for, in the comfort of their temporary home.

      Emergency Cover
      Sometimes our families and individuals find that they need emergency cover with little or no notice as an individual is no longer safe or confident without 24-hour care.

      We try to be as flexible as we can to provide emergency cover as we understand how important this is to the health and wellbeing for you or your family member.

      Medical Aftercare
      Respite care can provide time to recoup after an operation or hospital stay as an intermediate step before returning home. Medical aftercare is usually for a four-to-six-week period, during which individuals are encouraged to regain their independence and confidence, knowing we are on hand if required.

      Try the Care Home Experience
      In some cases, respite care can provide an opportunity to trial the care home experience and is often the first step on moving from home into permanent residency at the care home. Respite care allows the individual, their family members, and their carer to become familiar with the staff at the home, the other residents, the care practice and the facilities available.

      Our Homes

      High-quality Care

      Fylde Care Group has residential care homes in the heart of Poulton, St Annes and Lytham meaning high quality care is never far from your doorstep.

      With over 75 year’s combined care experience our staff team are on hand to create a supportive and friendly environment when it matters the most.

      We offer a wide variety of options from short term to long term residential and dementia care. Our highly trained staff team and personalised care plans ensure our residents always feel at home.

      Find a home near you and book a visit.

      What Our Families Say

      ‘The care mum receives at Hedges House is just perfect. The staff are so kind, patient and caring it is a real pleasure to visit.’
      Katy P, Daughter of KA

      ‘I was worried to move dad from his home, but I didn’t need to worry. The home has really welcomed dad and even when dad stays in his room, I am happy knowing that dad still gets plenty of time with the staff.’
      Graham, Son of DS