Longer Term Residential Care

Residential Care


Residential care is twenty-four-hour support for individuals who would like help with daily tasks such as medication management, personal care, hygiene needs and mobilising. We recognise that it is not always easy to ask for help and by getting to know our residents we provide sensitive care in surroundings that are supportive to maintaining independence.

We provide social engagement, new friends, and a dining experience within our home. We can also support our residents to access outside groups and spend time in the local community.

With over 75 year’s combined experience in care we offer help and guidance to obtain medical assessments, access professional services and take on daily tasks such as doctors visits, medication management and district nurse visits. We are also able to meet more specific care needs as they develop such as dementia and by offering a sense of security and supporting wellbeing, we can work together to find a personalised care package that is there when you need it most.

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      Support We Offer

      Help with Personal Care

      Help with Personal Care
      We can help with dressing, washing, applying lotions and creams, oral hygiene, and support with shaving. All our homes offer an in-house hairdresser and for those in between days our care team have the tools to help. We can also offer a manicure (all polish colours available), hand massage and we can help with makeup too. Our homes have a bespoke bathing system which helps to support regular bathing or showering.

      Medication Management
      We can order prescriptions, arrange delivery of medication, and help with taking medication at the right times and with the right meals. We can help organise medication reviews, to optimise the impact of the medicines you are taking and help support the reduction of any medication related problems.

      We help with all aspects of laundry aiming for a twenty-four-hour turnaround service.

      Social Activities and Entertainment
      We offer daily activities including music, games, arts and craft, jigsaws, armchair bowling, and quizzes. We are on hand to help support reading and the purchase of daily newspapers, trips out, shopping and a cake from the bakery (or two)!

      Special events are put on throughout the year linking to celebrations, birthdays, and local festivals. We welcome family and friends visits and link into our local community too.

      Help with Toilet and Incontinence
      We can help residents access the toilet throughout the day and night. We can also support with pads as appropriate. The local continence service is also a major source of information, providing treatment plans for our residents and help and advice on products available.

      Our Homes

      high-quality care

      Fylde Care Group has residential care homes in the heart of Poulton, St Annes and Lytham meaning high quality care is never far from your doorstep.

      With over 75 year’s combined care experience our staff team are on hand to create a supportive and friendly environment when it matters the most.

      We offer a wide variety of options from short term to long term residential and dementia care. Our highly trained staff team and personalised care plans ensure our residents always feel at home.

      Find a home near you and book a visit.

      What Our Families Say

      ‘The care mum receives at Hedges House is just perfect. The staff are so kind, patient and caring it is a real pleasure to visit.’
      Katy P, Daughter of KA

      ‘I was worried to move dad from his home, but I didn’t need to worry. The home has really welcomed dad and even when dad stays in his room, I am happy knowing that dad still gets plenty of time with the staff.’
      Graham, Son of DS