Paying for Your Care

Paying for Residential Care


We understand that it can be expensive to pay for residential care for the first time, so help is on hand to navigate the funding options available. Our care home manager can help with arranging finance and exploring the options available.

You may be eligible for help from your local council and in some cases funding from the NHS.

Fees are charged based on a needs assessment which can be provided by the local council. The assessment considers how much daily support you will need, and fees are charged based on council approved lower rate, higher rate, or dementia rate residential care. That way you only pay for the care you will need during your stay.

Our fees are all inclusive including meals, drinks, laundry, care, activities, and accommodation.

How Can We Help?

      Residential Care Home Fees


      If you think you, or someone you know, needs help to cope day-to-day, the first step is to get a needs assessment from your local council. You can do this by contacting social services at your local council and asking for a needs assessment either online or by telephone.

      Someone from the council usually a social worker will arrange to return your call during which they will ask how you are managing everyday tasks such as washing, dressing, and cooking. Following an initial call or visit they will decide whether you need help, and you will get the results of your assessment. It identifies what kind of care and support would help you, such as residential care and with your support they will carry out a financial assessment, which will identify what financial help is available.

      This assessment is used to calculate fees. Using the council advised fee rate, weekly fees are charged on either a lower rate, higher rate, or dementia rate, for residential care. Some of our homes charge an additional premium to take allowance for increased costs based on location or size of rooms.

      Fees are reviewed every April, in line with any change to minimum wage or the cost of inflation, families are notified one month in advance of any fee changes.

      A copy of our fees is available in all our homes, the care home manager can advise which rooms are available and if a premium (top up) would be charged. Rooms are available with no top up, so please ask at the time, if this would be more appropriate for you.

      Will the Local Council Pay?

      Financial Help

      If you are eligible for funding support, your local council could pay some or most of the fees. The council carry out a care needs assessment. If this concludes you need care in a care home, they will carry out a means test to work out whether you qualify for help with the cost. This will look at your income and capital.

      Your local council can help calculate the overall cost of your care and how much you may need to contribute to the overall cost from your financial resources. You will be expected to pay towards the costs from your income for example pensions but will be left with a personal expense allowance to support daily living costs such as clothes and toiletries.

      The value of your property may be included as capital in means test for longer term residential care. Your home will not be included if you go into a care home on a short term or temporary basis. If you move into a care home permanently you home will not be included for example if your partner still lives there.

      If your home is included in the means test, you may be able to delay selling it to pay care fees by entering a deferred payment agreement with the local council.

      As your financial circumstances change the council can revisit your financial assessment and provide support accordingly.

      We guarantee that all our residents will be able to stay in our home as finances change as long as we are able to meet their needs. We can work with you to arrange appropriate financial support and our home manager is always available to help answer any questions you may have.

       Our Homes


      Fylde Care Group has residential care homes in the heart of Poulton, St Annes and Lytham meaning high quality care is never far from your doorstep.

      With over 75 year’s combined care experience our staff team are on hand to create a supportive and friendly environment when it matters the most.

      We offer a wide variety of options from short term to long term residential and dementia care. Our highly trained staff team and personalised care plans ensure our residents always feel at home.

      Find a home near you and book a visit.

      What Our Families Say

      ‘The care mum receives at Hedges House is just perfect. The staff are so kind, patient and caring it is a real pleasure to visit.’
      Katy P, Daughter of KA

      ‘I was worried to move dad from his home, but I didn’t need to worry. The home has really welcomed dad and even when dad stays in his room, I am happy knowing that dad still gets plenty of time with the staff.’
      Graham, Son of DS