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Getting to know our residents is the most important part of our role as a caring residential care home. We feel it is important to start from the beginning understanding family, working life, hobbies, and interests, so we can tailor make our home experience to suit our residents.

We start this during our initial ‘Get to Know You’ questionnaire and this information is shared with our staff team from the start of your stay.

Our experienced staff team take time to get to know our resident’s routines and personal preferences, to support providing dignified care, so our residents can remain as independent as possible.

Any personal preferences just let our manager know and we will try our best to accommodate.

How Can We Help?

      Our Homes


      We recognise the importance of maintaining strong family relationships for our residents. Families and friends are always welcome to visit.

      We love putting on events in our homes and family and friends are always welcome. We encourage all our residents to celebrate birthdays, local and national events and we love any excuse to have a party.

      Our aim is to celebrate at least one event a month. We put on our party outfits, decorate our home, invite in a singer, and celebrate with our friends and family. We offer afternoon tea events, summer BBQ’s and when winter sets in our delicious afternoon buffets warms even the coldest days!

      Our current events are displayed on the family notice board, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

      What Our Families Say

      ‘The care mum receives at Hedges House is just perfect. The staff are so kind, patient and caring it is a real pleasure to visit.’
      Katy P, Daughter of KA

      ‘I was worried to move dad from his home, but I didn’t need to worry. The home has really welcomed dad and even when dad stays in his room, I am happy knowing that dad still gets plenty of time with the staff.’
      Graham, Son of DS